RE: virus: Logic Nazi

Zloduska (
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 05:40:22 -0600

Richard 'Capt. Picard' Brodie wrote:

>It's a good point. Since you see everything through the narrow filter of the
>Level-2 worldview you have constructed for yourself, you don't see the
>difference between Reed's participation and your own. You don't understand
>why he is generating support and goodwill and you are generating resentment
>and dislike. You don't understand why Reed's posts are attractive and yours
>are repulsive.

Hey, speak for yourself! Please don't go telling him that I "resent" and "dislike" him. That's not true; I like both Reed _and_ Jake. The only reason I tossed in my two korunas (probably unwisely) was being a spectator in a Wild West shoot-out that I saw going nowhere and had devolved into cheap shots.

Also, I wouldn't label anyone as a certain "Level".

Well, you know I don't believe in the Level business. If I'm wrong, perhaps I distinguish 'levels' but I do so unconsciously, only I don't have a name or clear system for them.

Regardless, I wouldn't say: Jake <------- (psst...Level 2er!)

And if you weren't at all referring to me (I assumed so because my post was the subject), then, uh, disregard.