re: RE: virus: Re:[genius] Sexism

Zloduska (
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 04:27:47 -0600

SG wrote:

>Sadly, no, including Mr. The-Perpetrator-Is-Actually-The-Biggest-Victim.
>Yeah, rape's no big deal, but it sure hurts to know you're a criminal.
>I'm not a bigot. My statement is true regardless of the sex of either
victim or perpetrator.

Unfortunately, your "truth" is the most harmful thing I can possibly think of to the anti-rape movement.

One question: How do you _know_? Have you been raped before? I wonder how you can know that your statement is 'true' if you cannot even perceive the victim's pain accurately. I don't think you need the exact experience to feel sorry for the victim and to know how awful it is, but I'm not the one who's claiming to "weigh" suffering here.

For me it's not even a question of "Who suffers more?" Frankly, fuck the rapist; he deserves NO sympathy whatsoever, and I mean that.