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Tue, 23 Feb 1999 21:00:08 EST

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<< Well, the referenda seem to be doing well (a flawless record of passage so far, every time the citizenry have been allowed to vote). A more radical idea would be a national Surrender Day. If everyone who, say, smokes MJ showed up, all on the same day, at their closest police station with a couple of joints and turned themselves in, the jails could not hold them all. Joe E. Dees
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Well, I hate to tell you this, but there is a game theory problem here. Now if every single pot smoker actually did this, I think you would be right. But every reasonable pot smoker knows this isn't actually going to happen, and the mere knowlege of that fact will have further self-fulfilling tendencies. If not enough showed up, then there just might be enough cell space. Especially here in Texas. I think that would go over here like an airplane made out of cowshit. Last I checked, Texas was actually renting out surplus cell space to other states with overcrowding.

It certainly sounds noble, but I don't think that would work in a lot of places. The fact that it might work some places, and that it was a national effort, might make some difference, but I still don't think it would do a lot here. Texans tend not to care about the rest of the country, there are still significant numbers of people here that want to secede from the union. And if California legalizes it, I wouldn't be surprised if Texas made it a capital offense just to be different from them.