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>joe dees wrote:
>> As I previously stated, it is a strategy of defence, not attack (which is why the Vietnamese were able to rid themselves of us; they employed it). This is also why the US "War on Drug Users" fails. The US, in both instances, was/is attacking, not defending.
>You think the Drug War is a failure?
>The War on Some Drugs has been a smashing sucess in terms of
>demoralizing the black community, dismantling a lot of the gains of the
>civil rights movement, fomenting racial antipathy, creating a burgeoning
>prison population which is used by US corporations as virtual slave
>labor, weakening civil liberties, turning a supposedly free and liberal
>(ha!) press into a complicit partner in the government's propaganda
>campaign, and finding a new justification for a bloated military in the
>post-cold-war era by creating a new enemy out of thin air. It's only a
>failure if you believe that the intended goal is or ever was to reduce
>illicit drug use.
>How should the besieged communities at whose doorstep the war is fought
>present a resolute defense? What means of defense would you advocate?

Well, the referenda seem to be doing well (a flawless record of passage so far, every time the citizenry have been allowed to vote). A more radical idea would be a national Surrender Day. If everyone who, say, smokes MJ showed up, all on the same day, at their closest police station with a couple of joints and turned themselves in, the jails could not hold them all. Joe E. Dees
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