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<< No, this is a very interesting bit of reality, my friend. The queston is this: will you adjust your always-open-to-change rationality to fit with _reality_, or will you simply try to dismiss it with justifications? (As any zealot might do.) This is were the rubber meets the road.

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I don't think that this is where the "rubber meets the road". You assume that I am dissatisfied with the situation. I am not. In this case, I am just providing commentary. Yes, it is reality. I think KJS can articulate his own justifications without my help. If he/she hasn't sorted out who is agreeing to disagree, and who isn't, and who is evading discussions, I am sure he can figure it out. If he/she is just looking for something entertaining, Reed is entertaining. If he/she is looking for emotional connection in cyberspace, Reed does that too. He is pretty good at letting it all hang out for people craving that kind of stuff. Although we appear in conflict, Reed and I are not playing a zero-sum game. He is getting what he wants, and I am getting what I want.

If I am supposed to be "generating resentment" and my E-Mails are "repulsive", as Brodie tried to suggest they were, the responses I have been getting do not seem to bear that out. The only person that has expressed real resentment, is Reed when he got all serious and horrified at the term "Logic Nazi". Methinks the lady doth protest too much. He has been trying to pin that boogeyman from his past on anybody who will disagree with him about "faith". I was just polite enough to give the boogey man a fitting proper name. Reed, unwilling to confront his demons, chooses instead to cower and act "disgusted." And so the charade continues!


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