Re: virus: Logic Nazi

Tim Rhodes (
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 08:52:00 -0800


>This is very interesting. I do something a little creative, responding
>intuitively to the many vivid images that Reed conjures up about his past
>what he thinks he sees in many of us here, by creating the persona of
>Nazi". I figure its a welcome break from "usual long boring passages of
>haughty, textbook-like speech". I get taken to task for it. I am "way to
>serious", or I am suffering from an "identity crisis". Reed takes an off
>wall tangent, and he gets praised by you. This is a very interesting

No, this is a very interesting bit of reality, my friend. The queston is this: will you adjust your always-open-to-change rationality to fit with _reality_, or will you simply try to dismiss it with justifications? (As any zealot might do.) This is were the rubber meets the road.

-Prof. Tim