virus: Who evangelizes budhism?

Bryan Wheelock (
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 22:32:25 -0800

I gerew up in a Christian environment. I have seen the evangelical branch of the church. The church does such a great job of marketing itself. Giving to the poor, helping the unfortunate holding meetings. The church even has it own section of the paper on Saturday. I can also remember going to camp and being immersed in religiousity week long. I can remember being told that one day I would be judged. They said that living a good live was not enough to make it into the gates of Heaven. Faith will open the doors, but if you really wanted to have a good position in Heaven bringing other people was one of the best ways to ensure you got a good position.

I think that I understand some of the mechanism behind this. The pull of Heaven and the Push of Hell makes for a pretty persuasive system.

Islam seems to do pretty much the same things.

My question is how does Budhism spread?

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