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<< >Would you ban the teaching of Creationism in schools,
>had you the power? Do you deny the Creationists the
>same right to advocate for their beliefs? The children
>are all our love, protect, and teach as best
>we know how. And no one person holds the perfect

Teaching of Creationism in public schools violates the establishment of religion clause. In the public schools it should not be included as curriculum, so if that is what you mean by "banned" then so be it. People can always send their children to church, to church schools, home school, or just give them their "correct" version at home to contrast with the "falshoods" of evolution taught in the school.

If a public school cared to offer a philosophy class where it was appropriate to discuss non-scientific matters as well as scientific ones, then "creationism" could get a non-advocacy treatment just like any other mythological/faith scenario could. Creating public schools, does not require that we teach lies just to be "politically correct". Unfortunately we do an awful lot of that. "Creationism" is not science, and calling it "science" is nothing but dishonest.