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Mon, 22 Feb 1999 17:05:13 EST

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<< >It compromises reason, and therfore compromises my value. I don't do that.

I understand. If faith didn't compromise reason, would it be OK then?>>

It wouldn't be faith then.

>>>That's my perspective. I find that the vast majority of people
>share that faith. But maybe I'm just selling it to them: an answer
>in the form of a question.<<
>I already have a meaning for the word "faith".
>I am not buying your meaning.

I don't have one meaning to sell you. I'm offering a package deal.<<

I know, that's what I was referring to.

>>>>>Ah, but Jake, what does Love really mean? Isn't that just a word
>which "seems genuine" but which is, in truth, nothing at all? It
>all sounds like mystical mumbo jumbo to me. Love isn't real,
>Jake, it's all biochemical whatchmacallits and genetic predestiny,
>right? Love is irrelevant, intangible, infinte, unbounded. You
>can't have any kind of reasonable debate about love.<<
>It's related to value, and two people sharing value, and not
>compromising value.

You sound like a Puritan.<<


>>No I'm a trained debater, my arguments are in one color and yours are
in the other. Ok, I admit, I get confused sometimes...but since I know my purpose, it doesn't last. But you dodged the question...what is the negative consequence of faith?<<

And you dodged this question . . .

>>>>I never confound. I admit that I'm not sure exactly what you mean
by "justificational reasons". I'm clear on "rational criticism", though.<<

Tell me what you think "justificational reason" is? There are no wrong answers to that one, just an honest one. Then tell me what you think I mean, when I say "justificational reason". Perhaps reading some of my past posts would help you make a more honest guess.<<

>>>I understand. I'm sorry I couldn't help you more. I hope you find
>what you're looking for. Just try not to shit on people on the way,
>What is that supposed to mean?? Do you think I am "shitting" on you?

I would choose not to notice if it were so. Given this, I can't say. Do you think you have been shitting on me?<<

I can't see how. Unless, you consider me not humoring you to the terms of your discussion, when you refuse to do the same, to be shitting on you. And of course I don't.