RE: virus: Showers

Sodom (
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 13:49:04 -0500

>That's a great attitude to have for yourself. But you can't use it on other
>people. It's great to say to yourself, "mere words have no power over me
>unless I give them power." It's a workable position, a chosen meme useful
>for self-empowerment. But it most pointedly DOESN'T work to say, "people
>can't reasonably take offense at my words; they have no power over them
>unless they give them power."

Absolutely - and I try hard to watch what I say in social environs that might have that effect. I did not expect people on this list though to be affectied in this way, and especially in the context it was used. However, though I disagree with Reed on this, it is important to me not to offend him or any others simply out of kindness.

<<What about Richards Statement that "Self-satisfaction" is one of the best uses of level 3 thinking?>>

>Fortunately, helping people is one of my deepest sources of

Yes, I have noticed, and It is also mine. Fortunately that is a commonality between most of us here.

Bill Roh

P.S. ccing all these messages to myself so I can see how the clips look. A geek like me should know, but....