virus: How do belief spread?

Bryan Wheelock (
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 16:27:59 -0800

I subscribed to this group last week. I was inspired to expand my knowledge of memes by Virus of the Mind. That book really changed my outlook of the world and I feel that I am better for having read it.

I was overwhelmed by the viruses. I spent weeks talking to people about this book and how great it was. (My mother always said that I was a good evangelizing vector:) Many of the people that I talked with didn;t appreciate the power of the Meme Meme. Some people did but we disagreed about some issues that in were really minor in retrospect. Isn;t it funny how some people allow their egos to get in the way of their outcome. When I do this I find that I am arguing points, that would simple vanish as I move on to focus on other issues. It also makes life a lot more phun.

After a few weeks of evangelizing, or maybe I was just trying to show everyone how smart I am. This got old after a while after I realize that no one else really gave a damn. I decided it was time to actually put my knowledge to the test. Could I actually do it? Can you?

To expand my understanding of this I created a urban myth of my own and began spreading it. (It is amazing what I heard on the subway today. These

two guys were talking and they said...) I did this for a couple of weeks,
having a lot of phun sowing my seed. It was kind of kewl when 2 people came
up to me and tell me the same story. I am sure you can guess the
satisfaction I felt at this moment. I had created something that could quite possible outlive me. What great phun!!!

Naturally I wanted to join this list and find out how I can increase my understanding of the memes and how they can be used to create a better outlook on life in other people. A group of psycho-historians. Imagine my excitement finding a group of people all interested in the same things. What a great opportunity to learn more.

I don;t know much about this memes yet, and obviously there are some very intelligent people(you know who you are) that want to learn more on this list. There also some people more concerned with looking smart(you probably don;t know who you are). I have seen a lot of debate and a lot of feather ruffling.

Can somone please tell me exactly what it is that we are trying to accomplish here?