Re: Re:virus: Nothing

Tim Rhodes (
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 21:19:10 -0800

Joe writes:

>If everything were a koan, equally nothing would be, [...]

If everything were energy, equally nothing would be.


>If you believe in error, you will lose, whether or not you have
>the necessary cognitive abilities to realize it.

This is not the lesson of memetics, Joe. Have you read the Lucifer Principle yet? Do you think Islam spreads so well because it is "right"? (I.E.: not "in error") Pah-leeze!!!

>If A, B or C and if ~A and ~B, then C.

Good job, fancypants! Now please prove your first conditional. (You didn't real think anyone would let you get away with that kind of pseudo-logic BS line, did you? Not here, baby! Not here! :-)

-Prof. Tim