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>> >What does it mean, in your opinion, Joe, for someone to be a misogynist?
>> >
>> >Dan Rowden
>> For them to have a hostile, dismissive or contemptuous view of members of the
>> female gender simply due to their membership, of course.
>Oh, but it's quite alright I suppose, simply due to their membership, to
>patronize women with indiscriminate favoritism, to make allowances when none
>are required or justified, to protect them from anything that may pose a
>challenge to their brains or their courage or their mis-guided sense of self,
>to negotiate pretentiously, to prescribe expectations on par with those of
>children, to bestow upon them demeaning names such as sweetie-pie and kitten,
>to effectively force them to identify most intensely with their flesh and blood
>bodies - with the lie of their finiteness, to protect and preserve their bodies
>at the expense of their minds, to consider their fix as hopeless, to convict
>them to a life of emotional dependency.

No, of course not; this is why I objected when you did it.

>> Sexism, like racism, is not a difficult concept to understand (or to embrace,
>judging from
>> some of the posts on this list by narrow-minded and shallow people who
>> proudly and hilariously proclaim themselves enlightened,
>And someone said to him, "Teacher, are those few who are being saved?" And
>Jesus said to him, "Agonize you to enter through the narrow door, for many, I
>tell you, seek to enter but are not able."
>Lk 13:24
>"How narrow the gate, and distressing the path that leads to life; And few are
>they finding her." Mt 7:14

Sexist bigots, like racist ones, are common among Christian fundamentalists. I should have guessed.

>> just as members of the White Aryan Resistance chide others for not being
>"racially conscious").
>>Joe E. Dees
>>Poet, Pagan, Philosopher
>Political activist?

Human rights advocate.


Joe E. Dees
Poet, Pagan, Philosopher

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