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Well, I don't recommend either NLP or est (est is no longer offered anyway), although I find them both interesting.

The theory is that in order to get different results in life you may need to change your beliefs. So beliefs we have are so sacred to us that we are absolutely unwilling to change them. I don't recommend you try to change those. Others are more like habits, or part of a web of interlocking, self-consistent beliefs that keep you from getting the results you would like. Social norms around male/female interaction, dating, and so on frequently fall into that category for men, and that is the premise of Ross Jeffries's work (which is crude and crass in the extreme, but I believe effective and therefore interesting).

If you have not yet read my book Getting Past OK, this is a large part of the theme of it.

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>You sound like you're referring to est

Yes, to EST and to NLP, both of which I failed to grasp. I do not think I could follow the script of either- I fail to see the egalitarian, humanitarian aspect of any of these, and see only hucksterism and confidence tricks- my bias, I guess- but I ain't never been a con-man, so I can't do 'em- and no-one can teach me to do something I do not want to do, which is what, I suspect, their whole approach is....

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