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Sodom (
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 13:16:00 -0500

That's fine. Each of us must act with the courage of our convictions.

Just don't look for fights where there are none. I may not be speaking to you, but I've read another spurious claims on this list like "Christians are responsible for more death than..." That sounds like fighting words, and I hear them all time. That kind of thinking isn't true or is unproductive.

Its not a spurious clain, Reed - it's history. Available in all languages and locations. If you see them as fighting words, then you are saying "facts I don't like are fighting words". Talk about ignoring facts to suit your own ends.

There is no question as to how the American Indians (North, Central and South) were wiped out, It was the Christian duty at the time. Written about and preached around the world. Are you arguing the point? Do we need to go through the basic history of Western religion all over again?

Also - this was a direct response to your NAZI fears - demonstrating that your fears are NOT based on the reality of the situation, but on your personal distaste for a particular group. Its not the fighting and killing you dislike, unless from certain groups you find offensive, like the Nazis.

"Unless your purpose IS to pick fights, of course. But that seems a little

So like you said "That's fine. Each of us must act with the courage of our convictions" If you need the fight, fine, but unless your alternative history has some good knuckles, you should flee now.

Bill Roh