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>David wrote:
>>Interesting. I guess up until now I had expected a level 3
>>practitioner to adopt the worldview of his or her intended
>>audience in order to better relate to them. Maybe you can help
>>me understand how being coy and evasive is a good strategy
>>for sending a message to a skeptical audience.
>Your question assumes the intent is to "send a message", rather than "lead
>on a journey". Maybe that's why the answer seems so strange--you're asking
>the wrong question.
>-Prof. Tim

Are we now reduced to the point where self-proclaimed gurus choose to assume the persona of pricktease, and to lead the tumescent understanding-seekers on for their own publicational benefit?
Joe E. Dees
Poet, Pagan, Philosopher

Yes indeed. I seem to recall having noticed some of this very type of behavior on this list, perhaps even within the last few weeks. I seem to recall that some have even feigned offense at my use of the term, "bullshitty mystical talk".

Sorry to have offended, but I am of the firm belief that it never hurts too much to point out obvious things.