Re: virus: Being a slave to <reason> leads inevitably to delusion
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 09:29:43 EST

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<< Jake:

We've all visited these sites, most of us well before you ever began posting to this list. You're re-hashing very, very old territory. It's probably our fault for not having a FAQ for the list (at least I don't think we do?), but I thought you might like to know that this is nothing new to any of the other participants in this discussion.

-Prof. Tim

> Non-
>Justificational Rationalism</A> -
> Pancritical Rationalism -

Prof. Tim?

Why did you feel the need to say this?

By putting a mere link, instead of pasting in huge rehashings of these things, it makes it far easier for people who have already seen them to skip to the next thing. I don't care if it is old to most people. It's obviously very foreign to at least a few, that seem to post in oblivion to these things which you claim are "very, very old territory". Reed, to be precise, seems to not understand these distinctions that I am making, and his frustrations concern me, professor.

I am delighted to hear that you are very familiar with these things, and am deeply sorry that the mere sight of the link or URL inspires feelings of intellectual insult. Unfortunately not all people are as enlightened as you, and many other people besides you read this list. While it might seem convenient to you to assume that all participants have taken certain prerequisite courses, the reality here seems different and I try accept that and work with it.

I have all along assumed that many folks here are already familiar with pancritical or non-justificational rationalism. I intended no insult to their intelligence and enlightenment, and felt that a mere link or URL, easy to pass over to the next thing, would not overburden their already intense intellectual pursuits. Apparently some here however, are not as gifted as yourself. I think they have some important things to say as well, however.

I most humbly offer my apologies.

Please feel free to ignore my messages that seem to dwell on these tiresome remedial matters. It will not hurt my feelings.