virus: Re: inconsistent worldviews

stephen fleming (
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 05:26:50 PST

Prof. Tim asks :

Worldview A works best for achieving result A'. Worldview B works best for achieving result B'. Worldviews A and B are completely inconsistent with one another. You desire both result A' _and_ result B'. Can you get both results? If so, how?

Ignoring the point as to whether it is possible for two worldviews to be completely inconsistent, the solution is to switch worldviews depending on the circumstances and the goal.

For example, the two worldview components (beliefs) (a) "money is the most important thing, and time is money" (b) "every moment of life has infinite value as experience" are apparantly contradictory
(a) is a useful belief for accumulating money (b) is a useful belief for maximising 'aliveness'

However, if I decide that a bit more cash will be useful to maximise my "living" say one month into the future, I might decide to "put on" the belief "time is money" because it is useful in obtaining the short term goal.

>And can you do it without outside observers claiming that you're >being
irrational or inconsistent?

The supposed level 3 thinker may hold worldviews that appear inconsistent on the surface that are resolved on a deeper level. Or something :)

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