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<< Couldn't you just have said, "No" in response to his question? Or maybe even "I don't want to think about this, a week is to long for that!"? Or are you afraid that, like some Douglas Adams character, if you stop talking for too long your brain will seize up?

-Prof Tim>>


There were points that I wanted to bring up and address. And the audience wasn't entirely Brodie. And partly I was just having fun.


Jake wrote:

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><<First of all I want you to know that I like you. I appreciate your
>willingness to show yourself honestly in front of the group. Thank you.
>Now a poke at you.
>How many minutes does your philosophy of rational criticism allow you to
>consider something before deciding that it is worthless? >>
>Oh man. Well, I guess if I dish it out, I gotta take the dishing back.
>Seriously though, I think you take my "arrogance" for more than it is
>I imagine you have me painted as some really dogmatic logic nazi. If it
>you more comfortable in dealing with me, so be it, I can't whine or say
that I
>discouraged it.
>"Arrogance" is for my growing annoyance at too much intellectual PC
>where everybody gets to have "their own truths" and "their own realities";
>assertions are considered equal to any other assertions; and any attempt to
>rationally criticize somebody else's idea is seen as an act of oppression
>And while I am very interested in "memes" and any future "memetics" that
>develop, I have sensed that some fascinated with this metaphor are more
>interested in the spread of ideas, and in spreading their own ideas, than
>are in assessing these ideas for real meaning and the actual value of these
>meanings. And while <tolerance> is a healthy thing to cultivate in
>moderation, and it certainly does have a tendency to lubricate the spread
>ideas, something that I know fascinates the readership here, there is a
>where it becomes unhealthy especially when valued more than rational
>>> If it's not limited to a few then I would encourage you to chew on what
>Reed said for a week or so and see if you can make some sense of it.<<
>Despite the impairments that rationality has imposed on my thinking
>and the enlightenment that I lack due to its crippling effects, I can still
>intutively grasp at what Reed has said. I don't think that it will take me
>week. Even in my mentally impaired - oops I mean challenged - state, I
>I vaguely understood it in the first read, and the light started to shine
>dimly on the 25th read. That took a while, since I have to say the words
>loud slowly.
>In short, I think Reed has painted the same "logic nazi" picture of me that
>you have, complete with vivid imaginings about my supposed authoritarian
>pecking-order anxieties - where I sit around and anguish about whether I am
>indeed THE Ueber Mensch, or just the Ueber Mensch's used condom.
>Now aside from these vivid images which I am sure are infecting your
>about me as we speak (sorry you will have to find your own vaccine for this
>intellectually transmitted disease - I got so absorbed in the tolerant
>lubrication, that I failed to consider a cure) - Reed also has some
>misconceptions about what I mean when I say words like "rational
>and "justfication", and until he sorts these things out there will be no
>reprieve from these logic nazi images that he has conjured up in his mind
>represent me in his fantasies.
>I have liberally disseminated the following two links which mirror some of
>own thoughts on these -
Non->Justificational Rationalism</A>
> Pancritical Rationalism
>Though those certainly aren't my complete thoughts on the matter, they do
>a good introduction.
>Honestly though, I did find it amusing how Reed managed to depict truth and
>rationality as such horrible, oppressive forces. That jumped out at me on
>first 10 word per minute read of his message.
>Just for you, Brodie, I will read Reed's most insightful post again. But I
>would suggest that Reed give my stuff more than the cursory few minutes
that I
>stand accused of here. While I have my anxieties like any other human
>his anxiety map of Jake is nothing like the territory that it purports to
>describe. No representation can be expected to be perfect, but this map is
>an entirely different place. He has confused some "arrogant" cloud cover,
>with the actual terrain that lies below.