Re: rear: virus: Levels

Eric Boyd (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 19:19:18 -0500


From: Richard Brodie <>
><<It is, however, hard
>to believe hypocrites; even if they do mean well.>>
>So you call someone who gives someone advice that
>he doesn't follow himself a hypocrite. Interesting. Suppose
>a physician prescribed a drug for you but didn't take it
>himself. Is she a hypocrite?

Well, if she was in my situation (with the same symptoms, etc) and she would not take her own advice (prescription drug), I probably wouldn't feel too good about that...

(your analogy is false becuase the doctor probably doesn't need to follow the advice, while I'm assuming that you *do* need to not "distinguish and discard", since that is level 2, and you are level 3)

><< I think we both
>agree that distinguish and discard is quite useful. Why do you state
>otherwise in your book?>>
>Whether or not a practice is useful depends upon one's
>purpose. The purpose of Virus of the Mind is to empower
>people by teaching them memetics in order to raise their
>level of consciousness.

And you claim that people learing about memetics should not "distinguish and discard"? I guess I could see that... although the message is practically advising blind faith in what the book says.