re: virus: socially retarded materialists

KingsXfan (
18 Feb 99 14:02:55 -0800

Seems to me the below excerpt exposes the farce of level 3 thinking. Although you may entertain the idea that you hold more than one world view, ya just don't! You saw Jake as a "soul"...something other than a composite. This exposes your essential idea.

>>The entity "I" or "Jake" is an abstraction - a very material scheme of control that is organized primarily within the framework of cultural narrative. The primary supporting mechanism for this is my brain, but is not exclusively supported by this alone, incorporating objects in my environment, such as calendars, computers, and other organizing, representational, and information storing technologies. Though there are several layers of abstraction involved here, they are all based on very material and real things, and therefore is every bit as real and material itself. There is no one single locus, or packet of energy or matter that is the sine qua non of "Jake". That doesn't make "Jake" any less of a material phenomenon.<<

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