Re: virus: Coy and evasive

Tim Rhodes (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 08:41:43 -0800

Wade wrote:

>And this is a precise example of how thinking one knows what heat is
>without being burnt first... is sheer nonsense.
>And why videos and workshops are, well.... not unlike nonsense. Not at
>Which places this following dialog somewhere just south of the twilight
>>>So, what _is_ this 'technique' of which you speak, and of which I have no
>>>personal appreciation or knowledge, cannot practice, and have not been
>>>subjected to? (Or at the very least, have no memory of and cannot draw
>>Nonsense. You know all about science without having performed all the
>>The techniques people use to build up their self-confidence are support
>>groups, audio and video tapes, and so on.

I must tell you, Wade, I was a little disappointed by Richards response to you on this as well. I chalked it up to the fact that he was travelling until I thought about it and realized that telling you _about_ it, rather than were to go to _do_ it, would defeat whole point.

But I'm also amazed that you can claim that workshops are more like seeing than doing, however.

-Prof. Tim