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From: Reed Konsler <> Date: Wednesday, February 17, 1999 12:36 PM

>>Seriously, I think there are merits to Richard's idea about
>>being cognizant of your belief system(s). I just don't understand
>>why he advocates adopting whatever meme set leads to your
>>treasure unless it happens to be the rational worldview.
>That's a strawman. Richard is a great supporter and evangelist
>for rationality. But each audience needs a different message.

Interesting. I guess up until now I had expected a level 3 practitioner to adopt the worldview of his or her intended audience in order to better relate to them. Maybe you can help me understand how being coy and evasive is a good strategy for sending a message to a skeptical audience.

>People should value reason, but they shouln't be ruled by it.
>People shouldn't be ruled by do so abandons our
>precious will.

I have no argument with that position, though I think we might still differ on the scope of applicability of reason (I'd argue that it is useful in more situations than some imply). To see what I mean, try substituting "morality" for "reason" in your statement above.