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No - not at all - evolution does not care. It's not working towards anything. I simply is the result of time, energy and raw materials. Evolution would not be affected if we nuked ourselves and the entire world into oblivion. We CANT kill everything no matter how hard we try - something will survive and evolve provided time does not stand still.

All the utopian ideas are nice - human conventions. It is what we call the place where I have everything I want. Not you, not anyone else unless they agree with me. My Utopia cannot exist if Jerry Falwell exists too - and I am sure the feeling would be mutual.

We fight for territory and possessions. Every war is fought for those reasons. Some say that we fight for to abolish oppression, yet there are no examples of such. Some say we fight over religion, but assimilating a group to think like you is effectively taking territory. And when you cant assimilate - you destroy. Humans have no interest in a utopia for all - nature has no interest in anything, Nature is just a catch all phrase to describe reality.

If you think evolution is "doing" anything, then your concept of evolution is inaccurate and misleading. Still my favorite book on the subject and a recommended book on our list is: Daniel Dennett's _Darwin's Dangerous Idea_. It will help quite a bit in thinking about evolution - and is a fun read.

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I think evolution out-did itself. It produced a living being that is too intelligent to handle the simplicity of life.

Is this the whole notion of evolutionism? That humans are developing towards an "ideal" existence and that our present battles, wars and fighting are just means to a "utopian" end. And after having achieved this end...we no longer have the desire to fight and destroy each other?

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