virus: That "truth" thing

KingsXfan (
16 Feb 99 23:49:39 -0800

Sorry, Jake. Didn't mean to email you directly. I forgot about this new browser...gotta be careful what address is in the "To: " box...

A world-view is a certain take on truth. It can never "grasp" the truth. All world-views are bubbles that float around in truth. I think it can be beneficial to jump into another bubble once in awhile. You have to have a resilient mentality, though. Mine is borderline, unfortunately. All this bubble-hopping can create angst and other undesirable feelings. At the same time, though, you reap a harvest of insight that you wouldn't otherwise inherit.

I personally don't think it is sanely possible, or even desirable to hold and operate on inconsistent world views. But maybe that is just the rationality talking. I can quit anytime. And then I will take it . . . one day at a time. Maybe Brodie can be my sponsor. Assuming he hasn't strangled me by then.



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