Re: virus: agitation, encouragement, and feedback
Mon, 15 Feb 1999 16:13:43 EST

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<< "Acting mystical" is another one that I have seen used. It tends to either suggest that you have some deeper wisdom that you are teasing people with, or it inspires others to tell you that you are full of shit (that's my usual response). My version of "acting mystical" is "speaking minimalistically", where I use the fewest number of words to convey as much meaning as possible with the fewest number of supporting explanations. If the other person "gets it", even partially, I can unfold it completely later. If they don't "get it"
at all, then we probably had nothing to talk about in the first place. (and they will probably tell m

ooops, I didn't finish that.

(and they will probably tell me that I am "full of shit" - but then so what if we didn't have anything to talk about.)