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Oprah Relaxes, Avoids Quitting Hype

Oprah Relaxes, Avoids Quitting Hype

NASSAU, Bahamas (AP) _ Oprah Winfrey basked in the sunshine and served up sexy topics for her talk show, a much-ballyhooed topic itself amid reports that she is planning to leave it.

Winfrey, who was in the Bahamas taping shows Friday, remained coy about the attention.

In London last week, Winfrey was quoted by The Sunday Times as saying she was fed up with escalating sleaze on daytime TV talk shows, especially by rival host Jerry Springer, and that she planned to quit her show when her contract ends in two years.

She seemed taken aback when locals asked her about her plans and her criticism of Springer.

``It's been overblown,'' replied the queen of daytime talk. ``He does his show, I do mine.''

``Just stay the way you are, girl!'' and ``We love you, Oprah!'' the audience shouted in response.

The island shows, to begin airing Monday, will give U.S. viewers a splash of Bahamas culture, as well as topics including ``Sexiest Island Man Contest'' and ``Victoria's Secret Swim Fashions.''

A change of heart. I bow down before her obvious commitment to help humankind and make the world a better place. In fact, I'm going to go out and buy a bikini right now. That ought to empower me.

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