RE: virus: Thinking clearly about faith

Deron Stewart (
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 17:36:23 -0800

Jake wrote:
<<I can trust somebody until I have reasons not to.>>

Richard wrote:
<<I can trust somebody even if I have reasons not to.>>


This is where the rubber meets the road...two world views in collision...each using the same words in the same way (more or less)...with radically different conclusions...

Things don't often get delineated this clearly around here!

The first sentiment is plain enough, but what does it mean to trust someone despite reasons not to?

(I feel like I understand what it means until I try to bring it into focus and then it melts brings to my mind the idea that by giving trust one can generate trust; similar to the idea that giving responsibility can be a catalyst for generating responsible behavior. The complex feedback and feedforward of social dynamics...extremely hard to fit into the tiny boxes of a "rational" world view...I have no idea if this is anything like what Richard intended to convey, but this is what I got!)