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>At Fri, 12 Feb 1999 11:26:53 -0800, you wrote:
>>But really, Joe. Now that you're done being dismissive, would you like to
>>have a discussion?
>>Is "sound" simply the same as soundwaves? Or is it the interaction of a
>>soundwave and a detection device--the ear, for example--that produces
>The latter.
>>(I though the quantum remark would point you thoughts in this direction, but
>>I guess my communication skills could stand some more work.)
>Unaided perception registers in the macroworld. Any discussion of the quantum properties of the possibly perceived is irrelevant on that level. Whether or not a murderer's hair strand is discovered at the scene of a crime, and regardless of whether the constabulary (who perhaps have a bald man as their main suspect) search for it, it IS evidence. It is possible or potential, rather than actual, evidence, and neither occupies the same ontological status nor permits of the same phenomenological distinctions as, say, photons of a certain spectrum, which are constituted as color only if perceived.
>>-Prof. Tim
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>>>At Thu, 11 Feb 1999 01:32:30 -0800, you wrote:
>>>>Joe wrote:
>>>>>Richard wrote:
>>>>>>"Evidence" does not exist unless you are looking for it.
>>>>>Right. And not only do trees falling in the forest not make a sound.
>>>>Are vibrating air molecules the same as sound?
>>>>And is light wave or particle in a darkened room?
>>>>Prof. Tim
>>>And there was never a bloody knife in the O.J. murder. It never existed
>>because it was never found. And none of the murderers who have never been
>>accused of their crimes actually killed anyone.

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