Re: virus: Re: Thinking clearly about faith

Tim Rhodes (
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 11:40:30 -0800

Jake wrote:

>I mean its one thing to recognize
>and to marvel at the memetic mechanisms that spread faith; to have
>understanding and tolerance for those whose thinking is impaired by faith;
>perhaps fail to mention in public (or on a talk show) that faith is
>fundmanentally irrational; to acknowlege that you currently hold, or have
>in the past some particular articles of faith; or to even have nostalgia
>some articles of faith that you no longer hold . . .
>But it is an entirely different thing to fight for its cause, or even to
>promote your odd ideas that everyone even the faithless have faith. Or
>science is based on faith. And so on.

As someone asked me on another list, do you know anything about Systems theory? Have you looked at the conversation here, and the stances taken in that light?

-Prof. Tim