RE: virus: Are we the gods of Nature?

Robert Gordon (
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 06:46:24 PST

In response to Bob G's question "why try to fight Nature", Richard wrote:

>Because I don't like ants at my picnic.


Fair enough, but the ants are just doing their "job", exactly what they are programmed to do.

Maybe itís you who is invading on their space.

Maybe the ants donít like you!

They are following NatureÖyet you donít like them.

So your basis of Ethics is "If-I-donít-like-it-I-can-kill-it"?


Ok, you might say: "Well, Iím bigger than the ants, Iím more "intelligent", Iím at level 3 damn it and I have the right to say ĎNo ants at my picnic by gollyí"


You ever see that commercial on television where the little kid is trying to burn some ants with a magnifying glass?

And then something bigger comes along with a bigger magnifying case and starts to burn the kid?


I rest my case.

Bobby G <----------- not burning any ants...

....something bigger just might come along.

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