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There are several Cobra releases the first one, though, has the "games" rules written in the liner notes... Check out his labels page at (I think) there are some beautifully chaotic releases there...

"Wade T.Smith" wrote:

> >Have any of you heard of John Zorn's COBRA? John Zorn is a `avant garde'
> >musician/composer and COBRA is a war game. Zorn translated the game into a
> >musical form that can be "played" by improvising musicians according to the
> >well defined rules of the game.
> Yup, and I have his CD's available of this- but- and I say 'but' a lot, I
> know- I, as a listener, have no clue about this structure from listening
> to the music, which is one of the reasons I don't mind that scientists
> might believe in gods, or priests might like to drive fast cars, or that
> musicians might cast yarrow sticks or read war games....
> I'm not aware of the rules when I see (or hear) the product.
> And I like that.
> I do not want to see this artifice. It is merely a part of the craft of
> the product, a tooling, if you will, required, (maybe, maybe not- that's
> what aesthetics is all about...), to 'manufacture' the art. And there are
> all sorts of factories.
> Do we need to see the name of the factory? I don't.
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