virus: er cogito sum

Descartes: "I think therefore I am"

Buddhist: "I think therefore I am--One Within"

Hinduist: "I think therefore I AM and Am and am and mmmooooooooo"

Christian: "I believe therefore I am"

Pepe Le' Pew: "I stink therefore I am"

Psychotherapist: "I shrink therefore I am"

Titanic: "I sink therefore they swam"

Richard Brodie: "I think therefore I meme"

Popular writers on the CoV forum: "I think therefore I am right and quit (David McFadzean, Prof Tim, KMO, R.B.) condescending me." :)

Darwinist: "I evolved therefore I am"

Punctuated Equilibrist: "ievolved (pause, pause pause) T_H_E_R_E_F_O_R_E_

                                   (short pause)...I AM" (come on, get it???)

Objectivist: "I object therefore I Ayn Rand"

Pres. Clinton: "I think therefore I, well that depends on what the meaning of

                the word "am" is, umm, is..."

Michael Fulford
I think therefore I am confused