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>"Evidence" does not exist unless you are looking for it.

Right. And not only do trees falling in the forest not make a sound, they can't fall if there's no one there to witness it.

>Richard Brodie
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>Tim Rhodes <>:
>>>Richard wrote:
>>>>>3. It's a difference of degree. Faith is more like not wanting to
>>>>>at evidence; the issue is closed in other words. This can be
>>>>>useful in human ventures such as marriage.
>>>WHAT! I don't know what kind of relationship you like, Brodie, but
>>>can't see how an ostrich approach is going to be useful. Are you
>>>seriously claiming that, given evidence, it is useful in a marriage
>>>"not want to look at it"?
>>Change "at it" to "around" and think about it again.
>Yes, that makes sense, Tim. My problem is that is not what Richard
>said. He said one should not want to look at the *evidence*,
>presumably of some event[s] that would upset you (and the marriage).
>I think it would be far better to examine, understand and forgive.
>(the axiom is that if they've been cheating, it's cause your not
>living up to your half of the bargain; and should therefore find out
>what's wrong so you can fix it!)
Joe E. Dees
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