RE: virus: What do we mean by science?

Deron Stewart (
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 12:13:07 -0800

I think it would be inappropriate to compare an <abstract> science with <concrete> religion.

Great post!

A closely related principle I think is the <best of>/<worst of> distinction.

An athiest may point to the "best of" science (polio vaccines) and the "worst of" religion (the Inquisition). The theist may point to the "worst of" science (Bhopal) and the "best of" religion (spiritual fulfillment).

Dennett will quote the "worst of" Gould but the "best of" Dawkins.

I try to be skeptical of judging a person or a group by what their enemies are saying about them...



btw, for those who would say "Bhopal isn't science", the theist would counter "the Inquisition isn't religion"...