Re: virus: Scientists and Philosophers

Eric Boyd (
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 13:21:50 -0500

Tim Rhodes <>:

>>Richard wrote:
>>>>3. It's a difference of degree. Faith is more like not wanting to
>>>>at evidence; the issue is closed in other words. This can be
>>>>useful in human ventures such as marriage.
>>WHAT! I don't know what kind of relationship you like, Brodie, but
>>can't see how an ostrich approach is going to be useful. Are you
>>seriously claiming that, given evidence, it is useful in a marriage
>>"not want to look at it"?
>Change "at it" to "around" and think about it again.

Yes, that makes sense, Tim. My problem is that is not what Richard said. He said one should not want to look at the *evidence*, presumably of some event[s] that would upset you (and the marriage). I think it would be far better to examine, understand and forgive. (the axiom is that if they've been cheating, it's cause your not living up to your half of the bargain; and should therefore find out what's wrong so you can fix it!)