RE: Truth at all costs (was RE: virus: from the Skeptic's newsletter...)

Robert Gordon (
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 09:00:04 PST

Why does "truth" have to be some belief?

Why can't it just be what is?

Truth is what it is.

People want to call something "true" because they want you and I to accept it, believe it and live our lives according to that "truth".

They are trying to take advantage of our built-in tendency to accept something that is true and reject what is not.

Thus by calling something "true" they want to by pass our mental security system and infect us with thier meme or mind virus.

When we do that we have made their meme our god.

Which was their original get us to worship their meme (and indirectly worship them too).

The word "true" is a meme cloaking device to allow the meme to invade our minds.

Bob G

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