virus: Are we the gods of Nature?

Robert Gordon (
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 08:18:46 PST

Are we the gods of Nature?

A question:

It seems like Brodie (in his book "Virus of the Mind") and Bloom (in the book "the Lucifer Principle") are saying that Mother Nature and her son Natural Selection are stupid and going senile…and it is up to us humans to take over their job of evolution…and become the Masters of the Universe if you will.

This seems strange to me.

I mean…why not just let evolution and Natural selection do their work?

Why try to interfere with it by proposing the concept of "selfishgenes" and ‘selfish-memes"?

I mean…if genes and memes are selfish…so what? Why should that disturb us? After all its "just the way things are"…the natural course of evolution.

Why try to fight it?


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