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The Faith thing comes up all the time. I swear that sometimes I am the only person here who does NOT see Faith as a human requirement. Richard, Reed and others have made "Faith" into a human standard and there is just no evidence for that. Yes many have it and use it - but here - it is being thrust upon humanity like a straight jacket - Faith does NOT exist in every philosophy or person. The notion that it must speaks only of the writers inability to control their own faith. Even the basic examples from Reed and Richard "Faith in the knowability of the universe. Faith in inductive reasoning. Faith that pursuit of the truth does not conflict with the pursuit of happiness"

I have no faith in any of these things? Why would someone? There is no need of it and it is detrimental.

Odds alone accomplish these things with no need for faith. Faith is a stream in which people don't mind stepping in if it is in the way of where they want to be - For me this stream is never an option - it does not exist. I'll guess, Ill play the odds, but there has never been a need for Faith.

I am not that Unique, there must be others in that position. What are the odds that I am alone in this state? Small I bet.

Faith is the meme we should be studying - what in my mind stops Faith - why do I avoid absolutes like Faith and Truth and Infinite? I don't know where it came from but it seems to help an awful lot.

Bill Roh
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> Faith that pursuit of the
>truth does not conflict with the pursuit of happiness.

The assertion and the burden of proof are yours for this one Richard. Anecdotes about Ayn Rand won't cut it either.