virus: The Golden Book o' Atheism (GBoA)

Eric Boyd (
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 19:04:51 -0500


Tim Rhodes <>:


I love it! Can I write "The Second Epistle of Tim to the Church at Hesitae"? (2 Hesitations 2:18 "And Lo, He did smite the wicked, for they had folly in their hearts and Spice Girls songs in their heads. And their was much wailing and knashing of teeth. And it was good.")

Ohh yea! That would be great fun. Perhaps this could be a virian project... any submissions welcome!

Previously, I wrote up a tentative contents, so I'll just cut and paste that in here. Revisions invited.


1) Introduction to atheism; definition of freethought
2) arguments for atheism
3) historical overview of religion -- creation myths, common
origins, etc.
4) Condensed religious wisdom -- the valuable parts, abstracted from the dogma. (this should be the challenging one... chapters and verses.)
5 and 6 and 7) Chapters on world religions -- handy summation, quick and dirty counter arguments and evidence, etc. 8, 9 and 10) religious humour / religious paradees to show the folly of "god-talk", etc.
11) Annotated biblography for easy look-up of more information.

Obviously, a few chapters on memetics itself wouldn't be a bad idea, although I had orginally thought that one could weave that material into the intro and argument section.