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>Is there any fundamental difference between this example and a religious
>person who reads the bible and accepts it as truth?

One difference has just occurred to me - A Bible reader wants to believe. A scientific reader has no desire to believe either way - just sides with the side with the best evidence. No Bible reader can read the Bible then say "Based on objective evidence the Bible is true"

Bill Roh

Yes, there is. Now, it's your job to tell me, since I do not want to hear a ventriloquist.

Wade T. Smith

Well, all puppetry aside, I'm not exactly sure that there is a difference--in
the example I gave. If a Christian has a goal of defending creationism and quotes the bible or another apologetic source then he himself is just propogating another's work or theory. When an atheist does the same (a la' "If
you want to defend evolution, buy The Blind Watchmaker"), he is being no more
"rational", "logical" or "scientific" than our religious friend. He is simply
buying into and blindly following current, popular scientific thought.

I often hear the argument from evolutionary types; "Have you ever seen God";
the same argument can be applied to atheists; "Have you ever seen a double helix?"; "Have you ever seen Darwin"? To the former question--few, the latter--NOBODY.

I don't think the proverbial "proof" is always in the pudding.

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Michael Fulford
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