Re: virus: 'Faith' in science.

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Mon, 08 Feb 1999 11:49:45 -0500 wrote:
> Atheism and Theism; two wheels of the same cart.
> It seems that a common thread on the CoV mailing list is one of discrediting
> the religious for their blind faith and belief in the teachings of the bible
> and of their ministers. For example, a previous poster recanted a time when he
> attended a 'debate' on creationism and evolution at a local church. He was
> suprised to see the congregation support the minister's defense of
> creationism--even after having heard evidence supporting evolution. In fact,
> it seems that religious faith is a popular and easily attacked target for the
> 'scientific' community. Geez, I think it's time to remove the 2X4 from our
> eyes before criticizing the speck in theirs...
> Yesterday, I visited Richard Dawkin's website. I went to the "books" link and
> there was a short listing of his books with description. The webmaster then
> gives you a recommended reading order depending on your goals. One of the
> goals was "I want to defend evolution against creationist", to which, the
> visitor is then directed to buy "The Blind Watchmaker".
> Is there any fundamental difference between this example and a religious person
> who reads the bible and accepts it as truth?
> How many of us (general public w/interest in science) quickly validate the
> theories and claims made in the popular science works of Dawkins, Gould, Bloom,
> etc., without ever doing our own research or otherwise applying our own
> scrutiny and skepticism? Aren't we guilty of this phenomenon called faith?
> I've heard, "to know without doing is not knowing"; how many
> pseuo-intellectual--would be scientists among us does this describe?
> I am not defending the concept of faith or the religious mind. I just think
> that in many cases atheists are the evolutionary 'pots' calling the creationist
> 'kettles' black. We just open a hole in our back large enough for our chosen
> ministers (Darwin, Dawkins... whoever)to put their hand in there and then use
> us as the ventriliquistic mediums of their work. Regardless of whether these
> scientist/authors are right or not, until we ourselves see it, hear it, touch
> it taste it and otherwise live out these theories, we are reduced to nothing
> more than Sunday morning yes men.
> Okay off my soapbox for now. This is my first time posting something to this
> forum, so be gentle--I'm a virgin! :)
> Michael Fulford
> Disgruntled Wage Laborer

Dear Virgin,

The "evolutionary pots" have more than a book of mythology inside them. Don't you think?