Re: virus: Unitarian Universalism

Zloduska (
Mon, 08 Feb 1999 05:22:35 -0600

Robin wrote:
>Zloduska <> writes
>>I wonder how they stay intact since their ministers have a very
>>non-confrontational style? Eastern cultures don't have "preachers" and
>>"ministers" like we do, but I still wonder how the Unitarians manage to
>>keep theirs alive, since every other denomination seems to have to 'sell'
>Don't want to get too radical here, but could I suggest:
>maybe people find they get something from it?

I think you're right. I was assuming that they rely on people who find something good in it coming to *them* to survive. Then I wondered how they could do this alone, when their competitors are such hardcore preaching machines. But then KMO answered my question, so there you go.