Re: virus: Unitarian Universalism

Norene Cashen (
Sun, 07 Feb 1999 14:58:16 -0500

KMO wrote:
> Zloduska wrote:
> > Now, I don't agree with them wholeheartedly on _every_ point, nor do I
> > endorse them. But as I said, overall I was impressed. You may now agree
> > with me or go ahead and ruthlessly tear it apart if you like. ;-)
> If most forms of organized religion are crutches, Unitarian Universalism
> is a pair of arch-supports.
> Seriously, UU churches provide their members with a sense of community
> without laying down the dogmatic law. That's a valuable service, IMHO.
> Also, every Unitarian minister I've ever met has been a hoot, and
> they've all been women, too.
> -KMO

I wrote a story on some National Prayer Day or World or something. And the paper didn't know that they were sending me to a UU meeting. And the "minister" was a woman who was frighteningly New Age. Like a Born Again diplomat who did away with the scary words (Jesus and Saved) in favor of the tree aura jargon of the Celestine Prohecy. Weird.


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