virus: Humor and Memes

George Sulea (
Sun, 07 Feb 1999 06:47:37 -0000

Hello there,
I am new here, but after perusing the list, I was just curious about what was thought about the power of Humor to expose memes patterns.

Humor has always been a way for the masses to "let of steam" and have a nervous laugh about the basic, and uncomfortable, structure of this thing we call society. From the scathing dark humor of movies like "Robocop" and "Brazil", to the irreverent, but on the mark humor of "Dilbert", Humor helps to expose these patterns for what they truly are. I really believe that humor was developed as a double edged blade, to both enliven, and enlighten the masses to the real truth upon which their culture, religions, politics, and ALL systems were developed.

Well, thats all the seriousness I can muster at this time of the morning,

Many Thanks,

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