Re: virus: Unitarian Universalism

Zloduska (
Sat, 06 Feb 1999 16:56:36 -0600

KMO wrote:

>Seriously, UU churches provide their members with a sense of community
>without laying down the dogmatic law. That's a valuable service, IMHO.
>Also, every Unitarian minister I've ever met has been a hoot, and
>they've all been women, too.

Yeah, at first I wondered _why_ they seemed to be mostly women, but then she informed me that part of their "bookbag" was many feminist texts. Also, they are pro-choice which is a *must* for me, and that scored bonus points. I wonder how they stay intact since their ministers have a very non-confrontational style? Eastern cultures don't have "preachers" and "ministers" like we do, but I still wonder how the Unitarians manage to keep theirs alive, since every other denomination seems to have to 'sell' itself.