Re: virus: A Peek Behind Enemy Lines

Tim Rhodes (
Sat, 6 Feb 1999 12:32:41 -0800

KMO wrote:

> >Tim, you say that they are intelligent, educated, (and I
> >would add, "connected"), and I certainly agree. Still, I don't see much
> >danger that they will be successful in their efforts.
>> They've said the same about all of us, I assure you.
>About all of us? Do you mean about the CoV or about each of us with
>respect to our individual goals?

I actually struggled for quite some time on that sentence. I couldn't find the right turn of phrase that both expressed what I meant and had a rhythm that worked well with my (writing) voice. The above reflects my decision to just go with something and try to flesh it out more if someone called me on it.

Since you did, what I meant was "all us here Darwinian/scientific/evolutionary/cognative-science/non-theist type people."

-Prof. Tim

P.S. I'm I the only here one who keeps ending up talking about talking whenever I start to talk about something? What the hell is up wid dat?!?