Re: virus: Being uncomfortable LET'S OTHERS RUN YOU !

Jim (
Fri, 5 Feb 1999 13:19:43 -0600

N.C. wrote

Please, pull the rabbit out of hat, Jim. Thanks for
>your answers. But stop being so enigmatic.

I gave you the answer. you were controlled and pushed into a response. that was the reason for the link. It's a act a good one one so good that it's tax exempt. And protected by the goverment.

You started your career at 8
>years old. I still haven't started at 31. Darn. And why would you
>address your reading material if I wouldn't have access to it anyway?
>Just to point out the fact that you are privy to some secret that I am

Not a secret. a way of thought that is out lined in the book that is up for bid in the link that I provided.
The point I was making was that the materials that I have been fortunate to read. Are how to books. How to control and to make others remember and experience what you want. Therefor I have a different view on some of these discussions than most people would. I personally like oprah she is a great marketing tool. As a person I have no opinion of her.

The secret that you speak of if I have one is that I expect no one to give me meaning I will stand alone if some one chooses to stand with me I will enjoy their company. I will find the answer myself. And the past is a done deal. And I do not accept the convictions or ideas of others without question. And some time that questioning can take years. Sincerely