Re: virus: Being uncomfortable isn't always bad

Wade T.Smith (
Fri, 5 Feb 1999 07:23:56 -0500

On 02/05/99 03:10 the inimitable Tim Rhodes made this comment

>Where you aware that there has never been a study conducted to prove or
>disprove whether the ritual of a surgeon scrubbing up for five minutes per
>hand before gloving-up has any effect on the infection rates of her
>patient's in a modern hospital setting?

Hmmm, there _have_ been studies measuring the amounts of bacterial presences however, all of which have shown that the rigorous scrubbing, and the particular methods, and the amount of time spent, are crucial to reduce the bacterial quantities.

And, syllogistically, I admit, there have been studies showing that bacterial presence does have some influence on infection....

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