RE: virus: The golden shower of salesmanship

Wade T.Smith (
Fri, 5 Feb 1999 07:11:57 -0500

On 02/05/99 04:36 the inimitable Richard Brodie made this comment

>You're wearing $-colored glasses?

First- yeah, maybe. Second- I apologize for not making the truly impersonal nature of my confusion clear. And third, I have never been uninterested in what you have to say, but, yes, wondering why there was a pieman aspect to it. (And of course, wondering also why there is a simple simon aspect to me....)

>The public library

Yup, I could find it, if it were in my view, which is the way I go to libraries. I roam. I stroll. I do not search for specifics. I am not a scholar. But gustibus is gustibus, and what attracts me is what attracts me. This whole confusion I have now about selling and product and time and money- well, Richard may have some answers there, now that I'm asking those sort of questions.

>You seem to have thought things out pretty well for yourself

Alas, no....

So, let me wander a bit more.

"Death is our only lifelong companion."

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